Discounted Registration, Scholarships, and Supporters

Thank you to our generous #AAM2021 donors!

#AAM2021 Discounted Registration

We are actively fundraising for deeply discounted $25 registrations to help defray the costs of Annual Meeting participation for those who have been furloughed, laid-off, or are otherwise unable to afford the full cost of the conference. If you are able to support 2021 AAM Annual Meeting registration for colleagues who are unable to afford the full cost of registration, please consider making a donation on our website here.

We extend our sincerest appreciation to all of the individuals, companies, and foundations who have and continue donating towards deeply discounted registrations for #AAM2021. Every donation, no matter the amount, supports museum colleagues who have recently been furloughed or laid off, students, or anyone who is otherwise unable to afford the full #AAM2021 registration fee.

If you have been furloughed, laid off, or are otherwise unable to afford the full cost of registration at this time, you can now express your interest in receiving a $25 registration using this form. BIPOC individuals and individuals who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ and disability communities are strongly encouraged to submit their interest. We are actively fundraising for these registrations and will continue doing so through June 7. Registrations will be provided on a rolling basis as funds are raised.

#AAM2021 Discounted Registration Supporters

Lynn Clements, Executive Director, Slover Library

Advocacy for Museums

AAM Member

Nik Honeysett

AAM Member

Morgridge Family Foundation

Claudia M. Oakes


Barry Szczesny

Ross Parry (School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester, UK)

AAM Member

Terra Foundation for American Art

Shelon Atwater

AAM Member

Grants Pass Museum of Art


AAM Member

Arthur G. Affleck, III

AAM Member

AAM Member

AAM’s MarComm Team



On behalf of the Environment and Climate Network in honor of the 2021 Sustainability Excellence Award Winners

Sean Blinn

AAM Member

Solid Light

AAM Member

Todd Happer

AAM Member

AAM Member


Levon Williams

AAM Member


AAM Member

AAM Annual Meeting Scholarship

The AAM Annual Meeting Scholarship is a professional growth opportunity that provides financial support for US-based students and museum professionals at any stage of their career to attend the AAM Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo. The program is designed to nurture greater inclusivity—for the benefit of museums, museum professionals, and the diverse audiences they serve—by supporting the professional development of individuals from underrepresented or marginalized groups. 2021 AAM Annual Meeting Scholarship applications were encouraged from individuals (members or non-members) who identify as underrepresented or otherwise marginalized, including but not limited to: persons of color, Hispanic/Latinx, American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian, LGBTQ+, and persons with a physical, cognitive, or developmental disability.

We extend our sincerest appreciation to all of the individuals, companies, and foundations who donated towards the 2021 AAM Annual Meeting Scholarship fund.


AAM Annual Meeting Scholarship Supporters

Elizabeth Acerra

Barbara Cohen-Stratyner

Ellen Ferguson

Janice Klein

Peter Marinucci

National Association for Museum Exhibitions (NAME)

Suzanne Quigley

Judith Scher

Mark Heppner

Abby Anderson

Ellen Endslow

James Ford Bell Foundation

Christine Lefebvre

Patricia E. Mooradian

National Endowment for the Humanities

Jenny-Sayre Ramberg

Carol Stapp

Hannah Weisman


Christina Heidrich

Amber King

Allyn Lord

Zachary Mosley

Kathryn Neville

Jude Richter

Melanie Tran

Karol Wight

Fundraising for 2021 AAM Scholarships has closed, but if you’d like to support the 2022 program, please donate here.

Last reviewed and updated April 12, 2021