Host an Affiliate Event

AAM welcomes affiliate organizations, museum studies programs, and special interest groups to host events during the 2020 Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo in San Francisco. Please review the following guidelines carefully and then click the link below to submit your event!

Annual Meeting Affiliate Events

  • Affiliates may host breakfasts, lunches, receptions, or board/business meetings in conjunction with the Annual Meeting and MuseumExpo.
  • The main deadline for submitting Affiliate Event requests is December 6, 2019. Events submitted after this date are not guaranteed space and may not be included in printed materials.

Hilton Union Square

  • The headquarters hotel for the 2020 Annual Meeting and MuseumExpo is the Hilton Union Square, at 333 O’Farrell Street. It is a 10-15 minute walk from the hotel to the George R. Moscone Convention Center, where program sessions and the MuseumExpo will take place.
  • There is no rental fee for meeting space at the Headquarters Hotel, but AAM does collect a $50 administrative fee. Events without food & beverage will be accepted as space permits.
  • Affiliate events must be hosted at the Headquarters Hotel and booked through AAM to be included in the online program or printed materials.

2020 Timeline

  • December 6: Event Submission Deadline
  • Mid-December: Event confirmations sent to submitters. Events submitted after this date will be confirmed within two weeks.
  • December: Event information and tickets on sale on conference website
  • January: Bi-weekly ticket sales reports begin (ticketed events only)
  • Tickets will be sold onsite for those events that are not sold out, up to 24 hours prior to event start time.
  • May 8: AAM sends 75% of ticket sales to event hosts. Final attendee list sent to event hosts (ticketed events only) in early May.
  • May 17-20: AAM Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo
  • June 8: Balance of ticket sales sent to event host

Affiliate (Host) Responsibilities

  • Submit Event Details and Administrative Fee: An Affiliate Event Form and $50 non-refundable administrative fee must be submitted for each event you host during the Annual Meeting.
  • Event Coordinator: The designated Event Coordinator will be the sole point of contact for AAM and the Hotel for event planning. All meeting and/or ticket updates will be sent to the event coordinator.
  • Hotel Coordination and Payment: You will work directly with a Hilton Event Manager to order your catering and audio-visual equipment. Billing arrangements will be made between you and the hotel per the hotel’s policies.
  • Joint Events: You may host a joint event with another organization, but one person/organization must serve as the primary host and the other(s) co-hosts.  The primary host will receive all event correspondence and will be responsible for disseminating to co-hosts.

AAM Responsibilities

  • Event and Space Confirmation: Your event request will be reviewed and confirmed by mid-December if submitted by December 6th. The confirmation will include information for your contact at the Hilton Union Square. Specific room confirmations will be provided in the spring.
  • Event Promotion: Your event will be included in official conference electronic and print materials (events submitted after December 6 may not be included in marketing materials).
  • Ticketing, Reporting, and Revenue Collection: If your event is ticketed, you will be provided bi-weekly ticket sales updates starting in January. You will be sent attendee lists, including allergy information (this information will also be forwarded to the hotel), prior to the meeting (ticketed events only). Your ticket revenue will be paid out to you in the schedule laid out above.

Ticketed Events

  • All submissions for ticketed events must be submitted by December 6.
  • You may choose to sell tickets to your event to help offset costs. Events most often ticketed are breakfasts and lunches. AAM will sell tickets for the event on your behalf, or you may sell them yourself through your own channels.
  • If AAM will be selling tickets for you, you must set a ticket price in the Event Form. The resources and tips below have been provided to help you determine appropriate ticket pricing.
  • Tickets for affiliate events will be sold with the general event ticket sales on the registration website.
  • Onsite at the event, you are responsible for your own ticket collection and management of the event. AAM provides no staff or volunteers for affiliate events.
  • AAM keeps no portion of affiliate ticket revenue collected through the registration process. See above for the payment schedule.

Affiliate Event Types and Preferred Dates/Times

The dates and times below allow Affiliates hosting events to match event schedules with those of AAM events. For breakfast, lunches, and receptions, AAM will assign event times to match with the overall program schedule.

Event TypeDate & Time
Board/Business MeetingsSunday, Monday, or Tuesday, anytime*
BreakfastsMonday or Tuesday, 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
Times may change and will be updated in line with AAM’s conference outline
LunchesMonday or Tuesday, 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM
Times may change and will be updated in line with AAM’s conference outline
Hotel ReceptionsMonday or Tuesday, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Times may change and will be updated in line with AAM’s conference outline

*Events occurring during general or concurrent sessions will not be accepted, and the coordinator will be asked to re-submit the event with a new time. 

Menu and Event Planning Resources

  • When estimating your event costs, be sure to add 25% service charge and sales tax (8.5% as of October) to your base costs.
  • Ticket prices for 2020 AAM events are expected to be $40 for breakfasts and $45 for lunches. You may charge more or less as your budget allows.
  • Audio Visual: Tables, chairs, a water station, individual pads of paper, and pens, come complimentary in all meeting rooms for AAM Affiliates.
  • Dietary Restrictions: AAM collects attendees’ dietary restrictions in the registration process. You will receive this information with your final attendee list to provide to the Hotel (ticketed events only).

Questions? Please email