Review Process & Scoring System

Following our National Program Committee’s review process, your proposal will receive one of the following results:

ACCEPT with Comments/Recommendations

During review, proposals will be rated using a 1 – 5 point scoring system based on the following criteria:

Max ValueCriteria
5The proposal content is clear and can be presented in an effective and meaningful way.
5The learning objectives are clear, relevant to the topic presented, and appropriate to the audience.
5The proposal provides attendees with relevant, timely and applicable content.
5The proposal is aligned with the format proposed.
5The proposal offers diverse perspectives or content (history, art, science, etc.), and diverse contexts (multicultural, international, museum size, etc).
5I would recommend this session or poster to an attendee interested in the subject matter.
30Highest possible average score

Rating scales:

  • 1=does not meet criteria
  • 2=needs improvements
  • 3=not specified or unclear
  • 4=meets criteria
  • 5=exceptional for each criteria

What is the Program Committee looking for?

Proposals that can:

  • Help the audience understand the relevance of the topic to their professional and personal development needs
  • Offer practical and relevant examples and how to apply them
  • Include audience discussion and participation
  • Encourage the audience to learn different perspectives on events, issues, and topics
  • Are relevant to a diverse range of disciplines, cultural perspectives, geographic locations and/or museum size

Proposals may NOT be accepted based on the following criteria:

  • Narrow – Topic is too narrowly focused to have broad appeal.
  • Underdeveloped – Topic did not offer any new insights or innovation in the area.
  • Unclear – Proposal description lacks clarity and/or specificity.
  • Lacking Diversity – Proposal content lacks applicability to a diverse range of disciplines, cultural perspectives, geographic locations and/or museum size.